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It’s often said that clothes maketh the man, and never is this more the case than when it comes to dressing for our nine-to-five work environment. Many a bloke has failed to ascend the corporate ladder for simply failing to wear the appropriate clobber.

How many Richard Pratts might there have been in Australian boardrooms, had it not been for an ill-judged decision to wear lime-green Crocs to work on Casual Friday? How many Frank Lowys may our fine nation have produced, if not for the advent of the Ezy-Care polyester shirt from Lowes?

With our readers’ financial welfare in mind, InStitchu explores several typical work spaces and the clothing that fits the bill:

Advertising/Copywriting Agency
This is the one workplace where a suit is not only not required, but positively frowned upon. It’s a long, long time since copywriters dressed like the cast of Madmen. Nowadays, the T-shirt is the apparel of choice for creative types. Team it with a pair of slim-cut jeans, New Balance and a pair of clear-framed spectacles and you’re ready to sell soap powder. As for colour; like the Model T-Ford, it’s best to stick with ‘Agency Black’, although the shoes (always trainers) should be burgundy or white. But what about in winter we hear you ask? Easy; throw a Harrington jacket on.

Financial Planning Office
People are trusting you to handle their money, so it’s best to look successful. But not flash; you’re meant to be investing their money, not embezzling it. A sharp, but affordable suit is the way to go here, in something conservative like navy, or pinstripe; people don’t want a risk-taker when it comes to their cold hard cash. May we suggest a visit to the team at InStitchu?

Building Site
The problem here is that occupational health and safety laws mean you’ll have no choice but to wear a hi-vis vest in orange or green. However, there’s no reason you can’t team your ugly vest with a quality T-shirt and some chinos. To be honest, a building site is probably not the place to go expressing your sense of individuality. Rolling up in a Mohair suit will be met with utter derision. You’ll be sent to the hardware store to buy a left-handed hammer.

Macquarie Bank
Now you’re talking. If you frequent the big boardrooms in the millionaires’ factory, you will have plenty of opportunity to demonstrate your sartorial splendour. Even the air-conditioning mechanics wear bespoke suits, so you’ll be expected to really bring out the big guns. We’re talking the finest cotton shirts with French cuffs and sterling silver cuff links (gold is just too gauche), silk ties by Stefano Ricci, black Oxfords by Edward Green and a custom, tailor-made suit by InStitchu of the finest pure Australian Merino wool. And remember, when they have a Casual Friday at Macquarie Bank, they mean you can wear a pair of Happy Socks.

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