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Cinco de...Uh Oh

Suit Your Shape

The Smart Suitcase - Our Stylist's tips and tricks for packing smart this Easter Weekend.

Suiting up for a cause: How InStitchu is supporting World Water Day

Bin your belts—the future is the Side Tab

The doors have opened for InStitchu's very first Weddings Showroom!

The Balancing Act of Perfecting the Pink Shirt

Business Casual—Your Way

BIG APPLE SEASON: Seven things to do in New York City as the weather cools down.

How to Dress for a Job Interview in Summer

Dressing Down: The Double-Breasted Blazer

New Year's Resolutions: Personal Style Revision

Dress for Success

The Top Ten Fashion Faux Pas Made by Men

Suiting Fit For The Colder Season: The Charcoal Herringbone Suit

How Wearing a Suit Makes a More Confident, Successful You

The Foundations of the Perfect Suit

Summer Lovin'

The Essential Every Man Should Own: The Navy Suit

Stranger than fiction: Why the French cuff is not actually Français, and more...

Fall into Winter

Dressing like a Winner on Race Day

Understanding Super / 'S' Numbers

Improving Your Best Self: A Gentleman's Guide

Iconic Tuxedo Moments

Turn Heads This Spring Carnival

Matching Your Shoes with Your Suit

The benefits of a custom, tailor-made suit for your Big Day (and any day).

Autumn Garments Every Gentleman Should Have in Their Wardrobe

What Makes Wool the Favoured Fabric of Tailors?

15 essential garments from InStitchu that every gentleman should have in his wardrobe

The world of Pitti Uomo

The Essential Chino Pants

The ANZAC tradition: Two-Up

Are you the office sheep or peacock?

The Perfect Duo - Tailored Suits and Whisky

What women really want this Valentine’s Day.

Are your collars on point?

Bring out the 'Vest' in you

Pitti Uomo with our Stylist Thomasina

Keep it Cool & Stylish this Summer

Gianni Agnelli

How To Be A Well Dressed Wedding Guest

15 Foods That Affect A Man's Health

A Groom’s Checklist: 10 Tasks Every Groom Should Be Prepared For

Do You Know the Difference Between These Shirt Collars?

What You Need to Know When Buying a Custom Suit

A Guide to Measurements and Fitting Your Suit

How To Match Your Hair With Your Suit

InStitchu Style: Philip ‘PJ’ Patterson

8 Fitness Tips For Men With Busy Schedules

10 Best Men’s Style Instagrammers

5 essential grooming tips that will take your routine to the next level

Movember: Our Top Suit/Mo Combos

InStitchu x gentSac

Why You Shouldn't Wear a Navy Suit This Spring Racing Season

James Bond brings back The White Tuxedo

Rahul&Anthony Cufflinks

How to Layer Under Your Suit This Winter

InStitchu's Winter Grooming Guide

InStitchu's 2015 Winter Suit Guide

Icon of Style: The King of Cashmere - Brunello Cucinelli

InStitchu's 2015 Wedding Guide

InStitchu's Top Three Looks From Kingsman: The Secret Service

The 5 most expensive whiskies ever!

And We're Off! InStitchu's 2015 Guide

What we shared on Tumblr this month – December, 2014

The InStitchu Christmas Gift Guide Pt. 2

Featured Fabric: December '14 - Fabric #50

InStitchu's Wet Shave Guide

Versatility is Key: Mixing & Matching Trousers & Blazers From Our New Fabric Range

The InStitchu Christmas Gift Guide Pt. I

That's Dapper - 2015 InStitchu Range

Four Must Have Summer Blazers From Our '15 Line Up

Four Formal Suits From Our New Range

The 2015 Aston Martin Lagonda Super Saloon

InStitchu's Guide to Designing A Summer Suit

Featured Fabric: November '14 - Fabric #62

The Whisky Club: November's Single Malt is Ancnoc - a 16 Y/O Highland Scotch Whisky

InStitchu's New Fabric Range - Summer Suit Fabrics & Exciting New Shirt Range

Three Blazers Perfect for a Country Wedding

That's Dapper: Spring Racing Style | Ties

Spring Racing Spills Happen. InStitchu Has You Covered

What we shared on Tumblr this month – October, 2014

That's Dapper: Spring Racing Style | Bow Ties

Q&A w/ InStitchu: Wednesday 29th October '14

That's Dapper: Spring Racing Style | Pocket Squares

That's Dapper: Double-Breasted Navy Suit/Blazer

Top Four Suits for a New Graduate

That's Dapper: Spring Racing Style | Socks

Q&A w/ InStitchu: Wednesday 22nd October '14

The Modern Man's Wine Guide by Naked Wines

Featured Fabric: October '14 - Fabric #68

That's Dapper: Spring Racing Style | Shirts

The Italian Suit Cut

Q&A w/ InStitchu: Wednesday 16th October '14

That's Dapper: Spring Racing Style | Suits

That's Dapper: Blazer & Trouser Combo

InStitchu Men's Grooming Guide: Shaving Guide

Q&A w/ InStitchu: Wednesday 8th October '14

Sir Roger Moore

InStitchu Men's Grooming Guide w/ Kings Domain: Beard Care

Q&A w/ InStitchu: Wednesday 1st October '14

That's Dapper: Herringbone Suits

InStitchu Men's Grooming Guide w/ Kings Domain: Hair Care & Styling

Q&A w/ InStitchu: Wednesday 24th Sept '14

That's Dapper: Windowpane Suits

Q&A w/ InStitchu: Wednesday 17th Sept '14

Icon of Style: Vincent Cassel

Five Face Types and Their Ideal Sunglasses Frame

That's Dapper: Three Piece Suits

InStitchu Men's Gift Idea: Petrolified Classic Car Prints

That's Dapper: Tom Brady

Introducing The InStitchu Spring Racing Instagram Guide

Q&A w/ InStitchu: Wednesday 10th Sept '14

Icon of Style: Alberto Scaccioni

Featured Fabric: September '14 - Fabric #34

Icon of Style: David Ogilvy

The Origins of The Oxford Shoe

Three Reasons You Should Invest in Shoe Tree's

Featured Fabric: August '14 - Fabric #56

A Few Rules to Help Match Your Shirt, Tie & Pocket Square

The English Suit Cut: Origins and How to Replicate It

Giampaolo Alliata of Al Bazaar in Milan

What we shared on Tumblr this month – July, 2014

How to Cut your InStitchu American Style Sack Suit

The Guide to Double-Breasted Jacket Button Options

Colin Firth's Suits in Kingsman: The Secret Service

InStitchu's Top 10 Men's 21st Gift Ideas

Four Fabrics Perfect for a Daytime Wedding Suit

Mad Men | Pete Campbell

Four Reasons for Wearing an InStitchu Tailored Wedding Suit Over a Hired Suit

Featured Fabric: July One Suit, Three Outfits With Fabric 25

Featured Fabric: June '14 - Navy Glenplaid with Fabric 64

Icon of Style: Gianni Agnelli

Five Charcoal Fabrics Perfect for a Double-Breasted Wedding Suit

Sir Sean Connery: Style Icon & Three Suits Fit for Bond

How to Dress Like Marcello Mastroianni

JFK and his Debut of Style

Neil Patrick Harris

Mad Men | Roger Sterling

The Outfits of Hit TV Show 'Suits'

The Suits of Gangster Squad

The Suits of James Bond

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Style

Casablanca Suits and Style


Entourage (Ari Gold)

Mixing and Matching Patterns

Mad Men | Don Draper

The Midnight Blue Tuxedo

Barnaby Socks

The Navy Blue Three Piece Wedding Suit

Seven Perfect Winter Suits

How to Look After Your Shoes

Three Occasions & Their Pocket Square

Dressing to Impress: The First Date

A Guide to Suiting Fabrics

Skin Care 3 Steps to Save Face

What Knot To Do, And When

Travel In Style

Double Up Your Wardrobe

6 Pairs of Dress Shoes Every Man Should Own

Which Collar is right for me?

Dressed to Employ

The Fit: Important Facts

Common Suit Terms

Wearing a Neck Tie

Summer Chino's

6 Patterns For Your Wardrobe

The English Gent

Spring Racing Guide

Lino Ieluzzi

Mr David Gandy

Ryan Gosling and His Suits

The Sports Jacket

Pocket Square Me Now!

How to Suit Up for Summer - A European Approach

How to Mix Suit Fabrics and Patterns

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SMH Executive Style

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'Ignored' men now in fashion online

PopUp Store brings online custom suits and shirts to the Sydney CBD

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